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Wander + Winsome- Jessie Haidle Montana and Michigan Wedding Photographer



I'm so glad you found me, I'm Jessie Haidle. A Michigander living in the Big Sky state of Montana with my husband, Trey, and cat, Maz.  A lover of adventure, sunshine, water, houseplants, romance,  and a good non-fiction book! 

I grew up in West Michigan on my family's farm, Versluis Orchards. Summer weekends were spent lazying on sandy beaches, picking fruits, and late night bonfires with friends. The rest of the time I was outside on the farm or in a gym doing a random assortment of athletics... rowing, volleyball, bowling, tennis...

I attended GVSU earning my BBA in Marketing. 


 I moved to Montana in 2020,  my husband works as a youth pastor at a church here, and you can regularly find our home full of our youth group students! I've been a photographer since 2022. I'm so grateful you're here- Welcome!!!

My Love Story:

Trey and I have kind of a unique story:

It all starts in 2017 when my good friend, Whitney told me that she thought I'd like her brother. She showed me a picture of Trey, and at the time I thought it would never work out. I was only in Montana for Summers, and back in Michigan for the rest of the year. So finding a Montana-man boifrand was not top of my list.

I actually got to briefly meet Trey in 2017, but it was super brief.


The following year, Trey and I both started working at Clydehurst. He thought I was cute, and I wasn't in to it. (Big 'oof' on my part.) Then, halfway through the summer of the sweetest little flirtations like him asking me my favorite breakfast food over a radio while we are leading 50 kids up a mountain together, our attitudes flip-flopped. Trey realized I wasn't interested right when I became interested. That Summer ended and we went our own separate ways for the next two years. Then two Summers later in 2020, I worked at Clydehurst again. One weekend a group of us decided to go to a rodeo, at that Rodeo was Trey who I hadn't seen in YEARS!

Reconnecting with Trey felt so right. We connected in a way that was just missing before. A few months after I moved to Montana, on Thanksgiving, we started  officially dating, 8 months later we were engaged and 3.5 months later we were married on November 12, 2021!

  It's seriously so crazy to me, that that is our story. I always said I had to marry someone I had been with for at least two years, and preferably most of that time would be spent in the same city, (which we weren't) but the old adage is right, "when you know, you know," we didn't want to wait any longer than necessary to start a life together.

It was fast, but it was perfect, and it was so us. I wouldn't change our story for the world. 

Jessie Haidle Wander + Winsome wedding photographer in Billings Montana
Billings Montana wedding photographer Wander + Winsome
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