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Bella and David Durgan

August 13, 2023. Big Timber Montana. Wedding.

The morning was crisp, bright, and blue when I arrived at Greycliff Mill in Big Timber, Montana for the wedding of Bella and David.

As I walked to the area where Bella and her bridal crew were getting ready, I could hear faint drifts of laughter and chatter as everyone was putting on their makeup, doing each other's hair and getting dressed into their dresses.

Bella's first look with her Dad and then with David took place in a whimsical greenhouse on the grounds of Greycliff, those first looks could be described as joyous, sweet, and intimate.

The day moved on and after we ate food, took some photos, and finished up some final touches, we found ourselves at the ceremony. David's father acted as the officiant as he is also a Pastor. During the ceremony David and Bella took Communion and signed their license. Their marriage was finalized with a kiss and they greeted all of their guests with a receiving line.

Following the ceremony, a gorgeous and giant charcuterie styled dinner was served. (please more couples do this! It was SO cute and so delicious!) Fancy cheeses, olives, finger sandwiches and an assortment of other small delicacies laced the table.

We quickly snuck off for some golden hour photos along the cliff and in the greenhouse, then after all was completed we ran back to join the party. Cake was cut, tear-jerking toasts were made, and company was enjoyed. Then the party started....when I say that Montanans can dance, I mean Montanans can DANCE. Line dances, swing dances, and raving took over the pavillion for the next few hours. There were a few times I put my own camera down and partook in the party because it was a BANGER.

Congratulations to the Durgans!

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