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Billings area wedding venues offering indoor and outdoor options. Top 3

Montana is a gorgeous state in all of our seasons. But we also experience a lot of weather. When you're planning a wedding, it can be really difficult to decide whether to go outside where it's absolutely gorgeous, or to play it safe and have an indoor wedding.

  1. DanWalt Gardens is a gorgeous garden minutes outside of Billings and known as Billing's best kept secret. It's definitely better for smaller ceremonies, but when it comes to outdoor beauty, it is really difficult to beat in town. They have free roaming chickens that are very friendly, beautiful paths to walk around and explore the flower gardens, and their indoor room is large and spacious.

2. This might come as a surprise, but I have to put the Billings Depot on the list with a caveat. They do not have the best outdoor options, BUT since they are downtown, it is SO easy to gather outside the steps for photos, and espeically for taking couples' photos, downtown is FILLED with beautiful backdrops. From gorgeous alleys, brick buildings, and graffiti walls, you will get great photos!

3. If you haven't explored Red Lodge yet, I recommend checking out Rock Creek Resort. The indoor area is less grand, but their outdoor location is gorgeous. It's located right on the river and also a few short minutes into the Beartooths. It's a gorgeous location and if you're up for a short drive for couples' photos, you can be in the mountains in literally minutes!

As a photographer, these are my top three recommendations because getting married in Montana truly can feel like a really hard decision to make. With such beauty here, it's hard to not want outdoor photos, but the reality is that the weather can and does change at a moment's notice. These venues offer you the ability to have a little bit of both while. I also recommend checking out Montana Bride they are a phenomenal resource for anyone getting married here!

Hi! I'm Jessie, owner of Wander + Winsome. I've lived in Montana for almost 3 years now.

Originally from West Michigan, I've come to love this mountainous state and kind people. I fell in love with photography as an 8 year old when I got my first point and shoot, ever since then I've been fiddling with all sorts of cameras. I love taking walks, reading books at night with lit candles, making bread, and adventuring around our lovely State.

I'd love to connect either over coffee or email!

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