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Choosing a Photography Session Location

So you've decided to book a photography session, now you need to decide on a location.

Here are the factors you should consider:

  1. Scenery: The first factor is by far the most obvious. When choosing a location you're going to want to decide on if you want your photos to be in nature, in a city, in your house, or somewhere else completely. What you choose this to be is going to influence the entire vibe of your photo session. If you're going to go city, try and choose an area of town with cool graffiti walls, brick roads, brick buildings, and is not super heavily trafficked for the best shots.

  2. Greenery: Green is one of my favorite colors. Except in photography. When your session has you surrounded by bright green leaves - that green ends up being reflected on skin and specifically, faces. This is not the end of the world, but it does slightly affect your photos. If you love green locations, try and just keep the greenery a little bit in the background as opposed to all around you.

  3. Simplicity: Simplicity in the fact that the background will ultimately add to your photo as opposed to detract from it. So a beautiful mountain scenery works well, or a woods far away in the distance. If the woods were near to the subjects of the photograph, suddenly all the prickers, brush, and branches start to be a lot to look at. It's much more visually pleasing and adds to the photo when the background is simplistic. Brick walls are also nice as long as there isn't any distracting drinking fountains or window frames partly in the photo.

  4. Distance: Be aware that some photographers charge travel fees, so if it costs a lot in gas money to get there, just know that that might drive up your overall expense.

  5. Private vs Public: If there are any camera shy individuals, knowing that the session is in a very private place can make the whole photo experience much less stressful for that individual. Although public coffee shops are one of my favorite places to do photography, they are also very public places. I always try and prepare my clients for what kind of situation they are getting into when they book and to just let them know what to possibly expect.

  6. Go for Fun: Hey, if you're feeling something really out of the ordinary, try booking an unusual place for some photos! Maybe it's while picking pumpkins during Halloween, or an alpaca farm (my personal favorite family session I ever photographed was at an alpaca farm.) There are so many options of places to go and they can add so much more to your photos. And it can really help photo shy individuals get out of their heads if they're more focused on doing something fun as opposed to getting their photo taken.

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