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Elopement on the Rims

It started with my husband Trey coming home on a Thursday, "Well, Taylor and Savana asked if I could officiate their elopement this Sunday." Last I heard they were planning on getting married in a year's time, but hey when you know, you know! And pulling things together at the last minute is one of our specials here in Montana. It's like the time my sister-in-law got covid 5 days before her wedding in 2020, and replanned the ENTIRE thing to have an outdoor wedding in December (in MONTANA!!!) with guests watching from their cars while a tech-savvy uncle broadcasted their vows over the radio.

Anyways, Sunday came, as did thunderstorms. Savana found a gorgeous, western styled dress and wrangled up a dainty bouquet of roses and flowers. Taylor found a baseball hat with "Savana" embroidered on the side.

The Rims in Billings, Montana are a series of high cliffs overlooking the city, providing stunning views and a sense of seclusion despite being right in the heart of town. It's the perfect spot for a private and romantic ceremony. For Taylor and Savana, the decision to elope on the Rims gave them the chance to concentrate on what was actually important and to be surrounded by the natural beauty of their hometown—their love and devotion to one another. It was a day they will always remember since it was full of love, laughter, and priceless memories.

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