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Eloping? Throw a Celebration Party/Reception when you Get Home from the Honeymoon.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It's a common heartbreak. You want to elope, but you have so many family members and friends and not only would they be heartbroken by not being there, but you also want them to be there. Also there are so many special things about a wedding that you can't do at an elopement like your grandparents seeing their granddaughter in her wedding dress, a first dance with your parents, and dinner with all of your favorite people.

A growing trend is to elope or have a micro wedding with only a few people, and then a couple weeks or even months go by and you throw a reception celebration! Oftentimes it's much more lowkey, but the focus is on having fun and celebrating your marriage.

You could throw it at a venue, a church, someones backyard, or in the case of Kyle and Marisa, rent out a park pavilion!

Autumn in the midwest is already beautiful, but when Kyle and Marisa also hosted their post microwedding recpetion in the woods, with desserts from a local Orchard's bakery, it was absolutely beautiful, quaint, and so cozy.

To bring the focus back onto their marriage, Marisa created a beautiful and touching video going over the events of their microwedding. It really brought the emotion back into the room of why everyone was there and what they were celebrating

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