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Getting married in Montana in the Winter. Why you should set your date for December-February ASAP.

Winter is, by far, the most underrated season to get married. But I would argue it is the BEST season to get married. Why?

I have so many reasons, it's cheaper, you have the coolest accessories to go with your dress, the whole feel of the photography is just cozy, it's not crazy wedding season so guests enjoy the wedding more and you have a better shot at booking the vendors you love.

So how is it cheaper? Simple, sooo many vendors offer discounts simply because it's their slow season. It's not uncommon to find venues marking off their spaces for up to 50% off. But, especially if you decide to get married on a Friday or weekday, you can get an even greater discount. Which if budget is your goal here then this is an obvious choice. (aaaand guests often prefer Friday weddings than Saturdays, too.) This means that when you want to book your wedding at a beautiful location like the Moss mansion, it just might end up being in budget! Although I cannot say what their prices are, the Moss Mansion is an old historical home that has opened it's doors to show locals what life used to look like for one particular wealthy family in Montana. From beautiful wallpapers, indoor greenhouses, and lace curtains, there were gorgeous photo backdrops everywhere.

Let's talk about accessories: Gloves, coats, vests, scarves, etc. are all gorgeous accessories that just don't make sense to use if you're having a wedding in any other season. And getting married in the snow also gives you an excuse to add glitter or bedazzle everything. Some of my favorite weddings have included bridesmaid gifts such as beautiful coats that all matched. Which if you decide not to purchase light robes to get ready in because it's too cold, then you can spend that money on the scarves or coats. Etsy has some of my favorite faux fur coats and vests: (I am not paid for any of these, I just think they're super cool.)

Finally, winter weddings are a vibe that's all their own. I know several people think that winter weddings are a bad idea because they're cold, weather is unpredictable and it's just a dark time of year. But Winter weddings have their own special feeling. From peering out of frosted windows, gentle snowfalls, candle lit hallways and dinners, the feeling of winter weddings have just always struck me as being so... intimate.

All of this isn't to say to not get married in the Summer. I personally have found that Summer weddings are often epic and exciting in a way that is difficult for Winter weddings to have.

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