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Keith + Maria

May 28, 2022, Knox County, NE.

It's hard to write about this wedding for so many reasons. One being how great of friends they are to Trey and I. Two because there were so many moments throughout the day that felt so uniquely them and it's hard to capture that in words. The best way I can describe it is 'tender' and 'beautiful.'

I'll start with brief context:

Maria and I roomed together in Bozeman, along with one other girl, Kayla. Us three met at a Christian Summer camp in Montana. This camp is also where all three of us met our husbands. We all got married within about 6 months of each other. We all have a deep, powerful, and God-given friendship with one another.

There were truly so many times throughout their day that I could write about, but I think the best way to talk about the moments that felt the most them.

First Look: There were whispered prayers, tears, laughter, and gratitude.

Tender and beautiful.

The Ceremony: Strongly centered around their love for God and each other, their devotion to one another, and to everyone's surprise, Maria recited her vows to her husband in Spanish. Tender and beautiful.

Photos: The awkwardness that often comes with photo taking wasn't there. It was easy. Because they were easy with each other. A twirl, a light kiss, a dip, a hard kiss. It was just them. Tender and beautiful.

The Reception: speeches were had, toasts were made, laughter and tears followed. There have been many hands supporting and lifting up this couple in prayers, words, encouragement. It was an honor to see them begin their life together. Tender and beautiful.

I am so grateful to have this friendship with these two. They show me more of Jesus through their contemplative thinking, strong convictions, humility, and love for others. It was truly an honor. Thank you Keith and Maria.

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