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My Favorite Montana Wedding Venue - Hardscrabble Ranch - Bozeman, MT

September 23, 2023

Earlier this Fall, I had the opportunity to photograph Callin and Juel Bos's wedding ceremony and reception at Hardscrabble Ranch, just outside of Bozeman in the Bridger Mountains. Trees change color more quickly in the mountains and after turning onto lonely Brackett Creek Road I was soon surrounded by nothing but mountains, yellow leaves, and gorgeous views. For a full 30 minutes I drove and passed only three other cars. At the end of this 30 minute drive I pulled into the driveway of Hardscrabble ranch, immediately I could tell that the views from Hardscrabble were nothing short of jaw-dropping.

As a photographer, I really appreciated that Hardscrabble ranch kept everything exceptionally clean and offered plenty of space to their guests. Juel and her bridesmaids had a giant living room, kitchen and several bedrooms to get ready in. For photography purposes, this is a dream come true, it allowed me to capture the girls getting ready from multiple angles, with multiple light sources, and allowed me to move any distracting objects into different rooms. The space allowed everyone to feel at home and relaxed. The groomsmen also had a living room, kitchen and bedrooms at their disposal.

With Fall weddings, the sun sets earlier than in the Summer, so by Callin and Juel's 6:00 ceremony, the sun was low enough to cast a golden glow over the entire valley. Hardscrabble wisely chose their ceremony location in a field with spectacular views of Ross Peak. By the time the ceremony and family photos were over, golden hour was in all of it's glory, so we went off in a field to take some of my favorite photos of this entire year.

What I really loved most about the Bos's wedding was how they incorporated their love of Jesus into their wedding. From their private vows to their ceremony, it was evident that they are building their marriage on Jesus.

Bride looks at her dress in a western wedding

Indoor bridal photos of cabin

Up close photo of a wedding dress hanging from a tree in the mountains

Bridal party photos in the forest

bride with bridesmaids

bridal photos in a forest

Groomsmen and groom play ping pong

Groomsmen throw groom up in the air in front of a mountain

Bride and groom hold hands in front of a tree

Wedding couple private vows in front of a tree
A tractor drops off guests for a Montana wedding

a gorgeous wedding venue in the mountains in Bozeman Montana

An outdoor wedding ceremony in the middle of the mountains

A montana couple exchange rings in front of the mountains

Hardscrabble Ranch hosts a wedding in the Fall

musicians play for a wedding in Bozeman Montana

bride holds her parents hands

bride and grooms first kiss with mountain behind them

bride and groom look off into mountains

groom kisses brides head while she holds her flowers in the Bridger mountains

bride and groom put each other rings on each other

Bride looks at photographer while groom kisses her forehead

photograph of brides bouquet

Newlyweds are photographed by Billings photographer Wander + Winsome

Couple pose underneath veil on wedding day, mountains in background

Newlyweds embrace in front of Ross Peak in Bozeman Montana

Hardscrabble Ranch reception area in the evening

Cake cutting at a wedding in the Bridger mountains

wedding couple dance at Hardscrabble ranch with twinkle lights behind them

Bridger mountains at night

Article by: Jessie Haidle / Wander + Winsome / Montana Wedding Photographer

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