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What to Wear to your Shoot

Thinking about what to wear to your upcoming session? Planning ahead on what you're going to wear for a shoot is a great idea! Especially if there are multiple people in your shoot, it's a great idea to have a plan in place so that your photos can look their absolute best.

  1. No Large Brands:

In general, if an article of clothing has a large graphic that isn't intentional, it's probably best to leave that shirt in the closet this time. Brands of business turn out tacky in photos and often the photographs look more like an advertisement for whatever is on your shirt than your photos.

2. Colors:

Typically the photos that turn out best are with colors that a. look good with your skin/hair type and b) are earth toned. Neon colors like construction orange, lime green, or other bright colors are going to put all the attention on your clothes instead of you and your graduation/engagement/branding/etc.

3. Multiple Outfits:

It's always a good idea to bring a few outfits. In my own personal shoots I like to dress in ways that feel like me. In my engagement photos my husband and I first dressed up, and then in our next outfit we changed into our favorite sweaters (which are kind of our thing) with shorts and vans. It's also a good idea to bring a few outfits because sometimes you'll pack one outfit and later on dislike that same outfit.

4. Dress Normally:

To an extent, dress in ways that you normally dress. I definitely recommend having worn your outfits before your shoot. It can be really fun shopping for new outfits, just make sure that you like how the clothes fit and that you feel like yourself. There's nothing worse than getting your photos back and disliking the pictures because you wore something that feels so unlike you.

5. Multiple People = Complimentary

Figuring out what everyone should wear for family or group photos can be really hard. Especially when there are several people to coordinate. I personally think that when families have everyone dress in different colors that go with each other turn out much more beautifully that when everyone dresses in the same color. It helps express both togetherness and individuality.

6. Break the Rules:

Have fun with your outfits! If you LOVE bright neon colors and want that captured, then darn-it-all, wear your bright neon colors! It can be easy to stress over what to wear, but at the end of the day, what's important is your accomplishment/life event and the photograph is celebrating that, not your perfectly planned outfit. And if it helps, remember that in 10 years whatever you choose to wear will likely be out of style so it doesn't matter too much either way! Wear what you love, feel good in, and expresses you.

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