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Montana X Michigan adventure photographer.

 art to remember the way you felt, the way you looked, and the people you love, as they are.


Montana X Michigan photographer


Being a photographer is truly an honor. The events I get to document visually are often some of the most important days of my client's life, and it truly fills my cup to be able to do so! Getting to combine creating art and preserving someone's biggest moments in life is seriously a dream job come true.

And it's such an incredible honor, so thank you for even being here right now.


When we sign contracts, you become my priority. So whether I’m jumping  on a call to talk through an idea you have, scouting out a gorgeous locations, or simply creating a timeline- I’m there. 


turning memories into lifelong art.

Whether we're taking a romantic walk along the shores of  Lake Michigan, adventuring through the Montana mountains, or simply having a cozy session in your home. Let me romanticize the heck out of you!


your photo process

It's pretty simple. The minute you hire me as your photographer, I start working.

BEFORE your wedding I am your location scouter, idea bouncer-offer, and a primary resource in planning out the timeline of your wedding day. 

DURING your wedding day, I'm there as your personal story teller, that means I'm discreetly running around finding the best candid shots, gathering people for formal photos, and seeking out those raw moments that you'll never want to forget.

AFTER your wedding I am busy editing. You'll receive a sneak peak of your photos within a week of your wedding, and the turnaround for your wedding is as minimal time as possible. But typically 1 month or less!

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Traveling is one of the sweetest, most intimate, and special ways to celebrate your relationship in your language. Whether that simply means a visit to the coffee shop where you first met, or on top of a mountain where you had your first kiss, let's go!
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Download my free Photographer Info guide! 
- Two wedding timelines.
- Questions to ask before you hire a photographer.
- My full packages and pricing.
- Much more.


Jessie is so amazing to work with! She is fun and encouraging and also so kind and intentional. She captured my sister and I’s relationship so beautiful and I’ll cherish those photos forever. She is so sweet to work with and I would highly recommend her!

Jana Howell


Looking for more info? Feel free to shoot me a message!
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