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Camelot Ranch - Autumn Wedding in Billings, Montana

October 14, 2023, The Bonners

Ben and Kelli showed up bright and early at Camelot Ranch with their wedding party on a cool October day in Billings, Montana. This stunning wedding location is about 20 minutes' outside of Billings; it's close enough to make getting there easy, but far enough out of town to feel exclusive and private.

There was joking and laughter as the bride and her gang got ready in the building's loft. After they finished getting ready, Kelli met Ben outside for a private first look. Well, fairly private-there were more than a few eyes peeping through windows trying to get a glance at their first look. The bridal team then jonied them outside for photos.

It was only after those photos that Ben and Kelli were finally able to escape to one of Camelot's more private and beautiful areas to commit their personal vows to one another. As a photographer, this is always one of my favorite moments. It's just a very surreal moment where two individuals, in front of God, commit themselves to one another. As best I can, I try and give my couples as much space and privacy to connect so they don't end up worrying about me listening in, so I definitely make the most out of my wide angle and zoom lenses during these moments.

It was then finally time for the ceremony. One thing I've failed to mention is that Ben comes from a rather large Montana family and Kelli is one of those people who can connect with anyone and be friends, so the room was PACKED!

From there, Ben and Kelli commited their marriage to the Lord and sealed their covenant with eachother and God.

After that it was nothing but partying, and party. they. did. From an anniversary dance that was ended in a close tie between both of Ben's Grandparents, to beautiful first dances, to Kelli's bridesmaids fighting over the bouquet toss.

At one point during the dancing, the groomsmen mysteriously all disappeard, after a brief search, I found them around Ben and Kelli's getaway car connecting the brake to the horn so that anytime they had to brake, the horn would blare! Thankfully, one of the bridesmaids found out and reeled them back into a more tame prank of streamers and car paint.

The night ended with a grand exit with bubbles, laughter, and cheers!

Congratulations to the Bonners!!!

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