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How to Prepare for freezing winter Engagement sessions.

January 25, 2024

If you're planning on getting photographed in the Winter months this year, I have a few tips for you! Having taken photos in several weather conditions including one session (featured above in -20 degrees farenheit!!! (Over 50 degrees below freezing!!!!)

  1. Choose to take photos in a place close to where your car can be parked close by and running! For this session, we actually never had more than 2 minutes of continuous shooting before we would run back to the car and warm up again. This helped my couple not get super pink and blue during their session while also not getting too cold in general.

  2. Wear long johns under jeans and skin colored tights with dresses for added warmth. In any way that you can without ruining your outfit, pack on the layers. Layers are your best friend during sessions when it's this cold outsid. For ladies wearing dresses, I highly recommend investing in a quality and warm pair of leggings that provide a little warmth without even looking like you're wearing another layer!

  3. Hot drinks! For couples over 21 I also recommend a little shot of something that will help warm your body a little bit. For morning sessions and Irish coffee is the perfect drink! Otherwise, just knowing that there's a toasty hot chocolate/coffee waiting for you back in the car to warm up your hands is the best treat!

  4. Include blankets in your props! I feel like this one is pretty self explanitory, but if you do opt for bringing props to your session, absolutely bring a warm blanket! I do recommend only using it for a few poses, becuase you will want photos without the blanket, as well.

  5. Poses with lots of contact. This one is probably the most fun! Body heat is real! So definitely grab your boo and snuggle up! Not only will your photos come out intimately, but you'll end up a little bit more toasty, too!

Check out more from our super freezing, cold, hypothermia-esque session below!

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