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Michigan Winter Engagement Photos

January 2, 2024

Winter is by far the time of the year when the most engagements happen. It totally makes sense, there are Holidays to see family and it gives just enough time to plan a beautiful Spring/Summer/Fall wedding.

Which honestly is so beautiful because that means we can also do Winter Engagement photos! Which, to many peoples' surprise, I believe that Winter is one of the best times for engagement photos.

Here's a few reasons why:

  1. More Session Locations Available: In Michigan, if you're taking engagement photos and you prefer a more secluded environment, there are going to be several more options for locations to go to during the chilly winter months! For example, heading to Lake Michigan for photos during the Summer is going to be just about impossible to find a location on the beach without anyone being able to watch your session. If that doesn't bother you, great! However, for those looking for just a bit more privacy, Winter is a great option to eliminate the extra eyes!

  2. Unique Photos: I personally feel that I see so many Summer sessions on Instagram and on Engagement cards. Which, hey! Is awesome, I did that myself with my own engagement. However, if you'd like a session that provides a bit more of a unique feel, I do personally believe that Winter sessions offer a certain uniqueness simply from them being less common. Also there are so many unique setups you can do with Winter sessions! I love sessions that happen just around dusk at adorable small Hallmark-esque towns, with snow falling and warm mittens and coats! There's just a coziness aboout those types of engagment sessions that can't happen anytime other than during the snowy winters!

  3. More Colorful Outfits: Especially during Michigan winters, if you're getting engagements photos, it's very wise to add more color to your outfits. I personally, LOVE wearing color. And the main thing is that as your photographer, I want you and your fiance to pop in comparison to the landscape. For non Winter weddings, that means wearing beautiful flowing neutrals. But in the winter, that means I want to see a little bit more color in your outfit! Instead of the landscape being the color of your photos, I want YOU to be the color of your winter engagement photos.

  4. Different Vibe from than Wedding Photos: Finally, if you've gotten engaged in the Winter and are planning a wedding for another season, why not embrace the fact that you get to have photos of you and your boo in two completely different environments! Personally, I feel it's so fun to look at my engagement photos from the Summer and have them feel warm and sunny, and then when I look at my Wedding photos from late Fall/early Winter, I love the drama and the colors and the absolute vibe my wedding had. I love that they are distinguished, and now, my home is decorated with both types of photos which adds just more depth and personality to my photos!

I loved photographing John and Amanda's engagement session this Winter in Michigan. And although there wasn't any snow, I think their photos turned out so good and so uniquely them!

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