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Red Lodge Couples Photo Session

December 2023 | Red Lodge, MT ~ Beartooth Pass Photos

December in Red Lodge, is in one word, cold. Much more so in the mountains. But occassionally I luck out and get clients who are willing to brave the cold and in return get some EPIC mountain photos. The colors, the wind, and the clouds just add something to a mountain photoshoot that you just can't quite achieve in the Summer months.

Maria and Keith and have consistantly been that couple for me.

First off, the biggest compliment I get is when returning clients book me later in life. It's been an honor to capture Maria and Keith the last few years because more than anyone else, they've put a lot of trust in me. They hired me to photograph their wedding, BEFORE I was doing photography as a job and their wedding was my first time photographing a wedding completely on my own. Prior to that, they hired me to take their engagement photos over in Bozeman, MT in January. And prior to that, Maria and I were roomies in Bozeman with one other friend, which was when I truly came to love Maria and her then boyfriend, now husband, Keith.

Which is also why I am so excited to be able to add them to a vendor list! Recently they have just opened up a brand new mobile coffee catering business in Bozeman, MT, called Sencilla Coffee. Check them out here!

They both have such a passion for serving, a precise knowledge of coffee, and have spent a significant amount of time sourcing their beans in order to provide an ethical and delicious cup of joe.

(PS 2024 brides-please consider booking them or somthing similar!! This would be SO cool!)

Check out more of our Beartooth Mountain session.

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